Three new professors join the faculty

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The EUI welcomes three new professors who have joined the faculty this January.

Professor Jennifer WelshJennifer Welsh now holds the Chair in International Relations in the Department of Political and Social Sciences. Previously at the University of Oxford, Professor Welsh is Special Adviser to the UN Secretary-General for the Responsibility to Protect. A former Jean Monnet Fellow at the EUI her research includes Humanitarian Intervention and the Responsibility to Protect, the United Nations Security Council, International Relations Theory and Normative Theory, and Canadian Foreign Policy. “I am extremely pleased to be joining EUI’s world-class community of researchers, and the particular concentration on the disciplines of law, history, and politics. Since my own work on armed conflict is increasingly interdisciplinary, this is an ideal environment for research and teaching. I also hope to contribute to efforts to examine not only the history and politics of European integration, but also the ways in which Europe engages with the world beyond its borders. My early days suggest that the EUI is in a process of change, and it is exciting to be part of that new direction. Many thanks for the warm welcome!

Professor DoladoJuan Jose̒ Dolado has joined the Department of Economics as Chair in Econometrics after arriving from the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. His fields of interest include Labor Economics, Applied Macroeconomics, and Econometric Theory. “After fifteen years serving as a Professor of Economics in a Spanish university, I was looking for a new challenge. I see my appointment at EUI as a great opportunity to enhance my knowledge of this discipline in the unique setting of a beautiful city with a great department where I can learn a lot from top scholars and excellent graduate students who share a broad interdisciplinary view of how to do research in Social Sciences.”

Professor Pieter JudsonFinally, Pieter M. Judson has arrived from Swarthmore College Pennsylvania, and has taken the position of Chair in 19th and 20th Century History in the Department of History and Civilisation. Professor Judson’s research focuses on Germany, the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and Eastern Europe between 1815-1945. He also currently serves as editor of the Austrian History Yearbook. “After teaching some of the best undergraduates in the United States for over twenty years at a small liberal-arts college, and watching many of them leave to pursue graduate degrees in History at other institutions, I very much wanted the experience of working with excellent graduate students. The fact that the EUI brings together such an international group of high-quality researchers–especially from the regions about which I write–made this job a unique opportunity for me, not to mention the highly distinguished, collegial, engaging, and fun department I am privileged to join.”