EUI rowers participate in Vogalonga

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Last month the EUI rowing club took part in the Vogalonga, a 32 kilometre regatta around the bay and canals of Venice.

This year’s race took place on 19 May and featured over 1,700 boats and 3,000 rowers with the EUI using an eight-person racing boat.

The race began at 9.00am with cannon fire signalling the start of the race. Under cloud and light rain, the mass of boats set off from outside San Marco’s basilica, rowing into the bay, around the islands before turning back heading down the Grand Canal.

The EUI crew were among the first 50 boats over the line, completing the circuit in a time of two hours, 25 minutes. “We were not expecting that,” said Captain Jonathan Chevry, “we did quite well, the coach was very happy!”

The Vogalonga was started back in 1975 as a way to protest the expanding use of power boats along the canals of Venice. Boats of all description are allowed to enter, with the sole criteria being they must be powered only by oar, and muscle. The event is not competitive, although prizes are given to the first over the line, and last over the line, plus a few for costumes and special efforts, and is a great opportunity for participants to experience the water ways of Venice.

If you would like to get involved with the EUI rowing club, who share facilities with Società Canottieri Firenze on the River Arno you can email [email protected] for more information.

The club trains three times a week, two mornings on the river, and one evening in the gym. Practices will start again in September.