EUI launches Volunteer Connection

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The EUI has initiated a programme to create links between researchers and associations looking for volunteers.

Organised by Anna Coda Nunziante, assistant at the Department of History and Civilization, EUI Volunteer Connection aims to match researchers’ skills with opportunities in Florence.

“I thought it would be interesting because people say that the EUI is isolated from the city; this is definitely a way of getting to know a different kind of reality and to potentially really get to know people from Florence,” said Anna. Volunteers can be involved in a broad range of activities, from healthcare to translating.

EUI members who are interested are asked to send their availability, interests and linguistic skills to Anna, so that she can match people up with suitable organisations. Ideally volunteers will commit a minimum of three months to an organisation, although there are opportunities to volunteer at one-off events.

For more information please contact Anna Coda Nunziante: [email protected]